Yes, broken iPads can be fixed!
Fast turn around:
We understand that people live on their ipads, it can be pretty difficult to go without it even for a few hours. Fixing an iPad is a difficult and tricky process, but most are repaired within 1-2 days. No appointment necessary, walk in's welcome!

Cracked glass:
Yes, we even can repair the screen on your broken iPad! it takes a few days, and we charge $120 for iPad 1-4 and the original Mini. For the iPad Air and Mini 2 we charge $150

Liquid damage:
Did you drop your iPad in the sink or spill something on it? We can fix it! Typical charges are about $90 to get your iPad working again.

Battery upgrade:
If your ipad is not lasting that long between charges, or just want a little more usage time, then you need a new battery! For this little number we charge $200.

Is your iPad crashing too much or having other problems? Want to use 3rd party programs and games? Then give us a call and we'll hack away! $60.

No screen is too damaged, We fix these everyday!

Do you see this?

Denver Mac Repair provides the Apple community with the best and most affordable iPad repair anywhere. With years of experence, we'll make sure to get your iPad working again!

We are located at - 820 West 8th Ave. Denver Colorado

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